Professional Pride

Our House Names and Numbers have FREE Delivery to you, MODERN, COASTAL, HERITAGE, AUSTRALIA and YOURS TRULY Designs. An international appeal – manufactured in Australia; custom made to your very own design using our award winning processes; Colour Thermo Lamination (CTL) and EdgeVac foiling. Specialising in one type of manufacturing makes us experts at our world first techniques developed in Australia. Our house names offer the most comprehensive range of designs, covering all types of House Dwellings in which images can be included to personalise, the sign, forging greater character and uniqueness.

“We are delighted with our personalised House Name, great value for money and its durable finish has withstood the elements perfectly; its a timeless beauty” Lynette Logue – Muswellbrook, New South Wales

The CTL manufacturing process involves the initial heat bonding of the selected base colour to the reverse of a section of glass, with the border and lettering finished using our original foiling technique EdgeVac, in reflective gold or silver. The EdgeVac process produces a fine vacuum around the characters giving the appearance of a unique three dimensional quality. Suitable for semi exposed areas the finished sign can be sealed and secured into a dark walnut resin frame or light maple timber frame. Our modern range offers stainless steel panels with text applied to the face; fixings are supplied with every order.


House Names and Numbers have adorned homes and properties all over the world for centuries. Our spectacular range of hand crafted products are designed specifically to complement the unique character of every Australian home. The range of exclusive designs, combined with typeface and colour selection caters for all tastes, from the stately Barton, the charming Bronte or quintessential Paterson; to the stainless steel Modern and Coastal; foundry and outline designs. Whilst purveying individuality and character to your home, a House Name also defines heritage and cultural identity, displaying both a warmth and welcoming feature to your house; whatever design you choose will be the perfect finish to your home.

  • Modern
    Colour range, design and materials compliment all modern buildings
  • Coastal
    Designed to extend the characteristics of the coastal environment
  • Heritage
    Terraces, Victorian & Georgian brick, weather board and clad residences
  • Australiana
    Incorporate images of iconic Australian Flora & Fauna
  • Yours Truly
    Images of special things, places and people you adore